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Vintage Valentine Illustrations

27 vintage valentine digital graphics plus 36 variations including isolated backgrounds and versions with and without the greeting. Bonuses include digital papers and 2 printable collage sheets. Very high resolution, extended commercial license. Perfect for designers as well as crafters! Cupids, hearts, doves, children.


  • 27 illustrations from vintage originals.
  • 36 variations that can include isolated background versions or versions with greeting removed.
  • 600 ppi (2x original size)
  • sRGB, Jpeg & PNG
  • Bonus: 9 digital papers 3600 x 3600 px. (12" x 12").
  • Bonus: 2 printable collage sheet tag sized versions.

Extended License: You are free to use these files in any way but if you plan to sell digital or physical products they must be incorporated into your own new, unique design and provided in a way that they can not be extracted in their original state for re-use. Please do not post or share images as is or include them in digital collage sheets.

Note: These were all previously published as individual and small collections in the past. I've re-packaged them in this more convenient bundle.

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