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Product Updates

I'm going to be making quite a few updates to products this week in continuing my clean up and re-structuring of the site and products. Read More about why.

I'll list the new one's here, but you can also check the change log for all changes.

I do send out automated emails when there is a product change. Unfortunately, I am unable to tell you in those emails what changes were made, so check this blog and watch the newsletter for changes.

French Grunge Postcards No.1

This was called just Grunge Postcards No.1. The name has been updated to the more descriptive, French Grunge Postcards No.1. I've also added 4 additional postcards! Note that I have reduced the resolution to 600 DPI. I think over 1000 was over-kill and the files become way too large. You may wish to keep the larger originals. I've broken up the files into 2 downloads. The first one are the original cards at the reduced resolution. You may want to skip downloading that file.

New Product (sort of)

These Le Marché vintage French ephemera receipts are the originals to the Le Marché Vintage French Overlays. I did have a few of these available as single downloads, but wanted you to have all the originals at a great price. I've taken down the singles as I don't want it to get confusing. P.S. I'm working on a really large collection of these! I've been buying tons at the flea market and slowly scanning and retouching.


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