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Summer Slow Down

Summer Slow Down

I'm taking a little time off this month to relax and recharge a bit before the intensity of working on new collections for the Fall. I am enjoying sitting in my studio with the windows open, pattering around bare-footed and taking naps on the couch looking at the clouds drift by in the skylight above. I'm also cleaning and re-organizing the studio and playing with sewing, crocheting, and jewelry making — hobbies which I haven't done in many years! It's a nice creative change of pace and I'm finding actually feed my thinking and ideas for French Kiss.

The store is open and I'll still have weekly specials and check the Facebook page and my emails, but I'll just be a more absent in general. I won't be doing any tutorials for a little bit and won't be working on non-urgent tasks. Well, unless I find I can't stay away from an idea. ;-)

By end of month, I'll be refreshed and eager to get back to work.

Enjoy your month and happy creating. xx Leslie Nicole

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