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Coffee and Tulips


Vintage coffee pot and coffee jar. Tulips from the garden. Photographed on a white table against a white background.

Canon 7D, Canon 60mm macro lens, ISO 100, f.11, 1/5 second. Processed in Lightroom and Photoshop with Topaz Labs* Adjust Clarity Filter.


Nothern Skies from the Artiste collection
Blend Mode: Overlay
Notes: Changed to grayscale

Brush Set

I then used the vintage classifieds brush from the Vintage France no 2 brush collection. I used this on the edges both left and right. I edited with a layer mask using the Free grunge brushes.


Finally, I placed an overlay from Le Marché.
Blend Mode: Multiply
Color: a warm, light gray,
Noes: a layer mask used to apply the overlay selectively.

* Topaz Labs Filters is an affiliate link. I get a small commission from any sales resulting from a click from this site (at no extra cost to you.) I really do love these filters. Nearly all of my own images use one of these filters. Thanks for supporting the site.

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