Coming Soon: The Tableaux Texture Collection

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I'll be releasing a new painted canvas texture collection very soon. Monday at the latest. I'm photographing the last of the canvas paintings tonight. I then need to process each photograph, make final editing decisions, name the textures, and get it packaged up and posted. I may be done by Friday—but I'm leaving myself some wiggle room!

The collection is called the Tableaux Collection, Tableaux is French for painting. Those of you who have been with me for awhile may remember that I started out calling my collections Tableaux Textures before I switched to French Kiss. I finally get to use the logo! ;-) This will be a large collection with a wide variety of colors from muted to vibrant. They also range from grungy to pretty.

What Happened To The Solstice Collection?

I decided to break the Solstice Collection into two parts. This is the painted canvas part — sporting a new name. The Solstice Collection will be the pastels and watercolors and won't be long behind the Tableaux Collection.

Monday AM update. Just wrapping things up this morning. The collection will be up this afternoon Paris time. :-)

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