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Le Colombier


I just got back from spending a few days in this lovely 16th century "Colombier." (Pigeon tower) We were invited by an 83 year young gentleman— a true bon vivant.  I now need to recover from the rich food and drink! I took this photograph as we were leaving town—looking back from another bridge.

For the image:


I retouched out a few plastic chairs as I wanted the image to look more timeless. I then used an OnOne filter, Perfect Effects with 3 settings: Vibrant glow, clarity (30%) and amazing detail (50%).

I then added the texture Sweet Light from the Tableaux Collection. Blend Mode: Multiply, Opacity 100%. I used a mask to constrain it to the sky area.

Next, I duplicated this texture, changed it to black and white, set the Blend Mode to Overlay at 83% Opacity, and reversed the mask. This gave me me the brush strokes of the texture without the color and it brightened the greens. I masked the house so it wouldn't go too light.

I then merged a copy of the visible layers, blurred the new layer with Gaussian blur, applied a mask filled with black and then used white to reveal the blurred area only in the bottom corners and a little along the sides.

Barely noticeable, I also added in the FREE Glorious Grunge edge overlay at Blend mode: Color Dodge at 23% opacity.

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