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New! Watercolor

I'm very pleased to announce the new watercolor elements released this month. This is the fruit of 5 months of watercolor work, clean up and testing. I wanted to get the majority of the elements done before I released them as I wanted all the elements to be available for the upcoming watercolor tutorials. I have more coming that I may be able to get out during the sale.

Watercolor Textures 

watercolor textures 

Autumn Rain Texture Collection 

21 Watercolor textures. Learn More

Expressions Watercolor Textures

4 large expressive watercolor textures. Crop as desired. Learn More

Watercolor Spot Textures 

Watercolor Spot Textures

42 original color watercolor spots. Come with masks! Learn More

Watercolor Overlays


Watercolor Spatter Overlays

9 Watercolor spatter overlays. Learn More

These also come as a CS6 Photoshop Brush. See below in brushes.


Color Spatter Overlays

28 original color spatters and splats. Great additions to your textures and designs. Learn More

Watercolor Brushes


Watercolor Brushed Spots

12 Watercolor Photoshop brush stamps. Learn More


Watercolor Spots No. 2

21 Watercolor Photoshop brush stamps. Learn More 

Watercolor Spots No. 3

21 Watercolor Photoshop brush stamps. Learn More


Spatter Brushes

Photoshop CS6 only brushes. (Other versions get the overlay above.) Learn More 


Watercolor Spot Brushes

14 brushes great for labels, scrapbooking and other graphic enhancements. Learn More 


50 Spatters and Splat Brushes

Great enhancements to your designs and images. Learn More 


23 Splats & Spatters Plus An Overlay

More Splats and Spatters. Learn More 


28 Spatter Brushes

Variety of sizes and shapes. Learn More 

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