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Delightful Girl With Puppy

Delightful Girl With Puppy

A digital paper design example using one of the vintage Christmas illustrations of a girl holding a puppy in a snowy landscape.

Girl with puppy Christmas vintage illustration digital download usage example.

I love breathing new life into vintage illustrations. In order to get a natural blend with a new background, I create a plain white background version and a cut-out version file from the original. When those 2 files are combined with the landscape version layer set to multiply and the cut-out version to normal, the result blends beautifully with the new background.

The background is made from a lightly painted, rough watercolor paper scan (future release) along with a watercolor texture from the collection Autumn Rain. I used a grunge brush from the Watery Impressions Photoshop Brushes in a layer mask to lighten the middle of the texture. The illustration is from Girls With Puppies No. 2.

Recipe for stacked blended vintage illustration.

Here's a peek at my layers:

Photoshop layers for a design using a vintage christmas illustration and watercolor textures.

 I hope this inspires you in your own designs - have a great holiday season!

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