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Video For Flower Fairies Illustrations

Video For Flower Fairies Illustrations

Video - Using The Vintage Flower Fairy Illustrations

There are 3 different file formats included in the Vintage Flower Fairies Illustrations Collection. This video walks you through when to use each format to get the best results in your designs.

3 File Formats

A quick recap of when to use each format.

Flattened .jpg Files

Use these files if you are just working on a design with a plain white background or also if the background has a very subtle light texture like a watercolor paper. If you use a textured or tinted background, you will want to change the blend mode of the illustration layer to multiply. Note: you could also use the layered Photoshop files as well for more separation of the illustration from the background.

Transparent .png Files

The only reasons to use the .png files:

  1. You aren't comfortable with the layered .psd files.
  2. Your software doesn't support layered .psd files.
  3. You don't want the grassy ground area. This is cut out in the .png files.

Layered .psd Files

The layered Photoshop files give you the ultimate control over blending and details.

Each Photoshop file is comprised of 3 layers:

  1. The top layer that is the cut out version (the same as the .png file) of the illustration. This layer controls how much you want to separate the illustration from the background.
  2. The middle layer that is the grassy ground area. This part of the illustration is impossible to exactly isolate but by using a layer mask, this layer partially blends with the layer below creating a more natural blend.
  3. The bottom layer is the .jpg file of the full original illustration. This layer is set to multiply. This layer blends with the background giving a more depth to the illustration. It won't look so pasted onto the background.

Easy to use

The layered Photoshop files may seem complicated to use, but they are easy to place because the layers are linked. If you watch the video, you'll see how you can make adjustments to opacity and layer masks for the ultimate control over your design.

Layered Photoshop files allow for an isolated background while maintaining delicate details.

I hope you find this little tutorial useful in using these delightful illustrations! Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

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