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I sometimes need to make changes in products to make naming conventions more cohesive and sometimes I add enhancements to the collection. I've started this change log so you can check what's changed.

When I update a product, I will send an update email to all purchasers.

Please check your SPAM filters if you didn't receive your update email. Also remember to check the email account you use with Paypal.

Products Updated or Changed

These collections have been updated. Sometimes I might find something that needs a little extra love or have a variation or a few additional items that I think will go well with the collection.

  • 09/15/17 Autumn Rain Textures. Added another texture. "Autumn Glow" in 2nd download.
  • 05/19/16 Cahier Des Botaniques Brushes. Brush #3, "Les Fleurs" now has more text included. Around 5 other brushes have slight edits to text placement.
  • 05/19/16 Ink Grunge Brushes. The original 9 brushes have additional sharpening and more brushes have been added.
  • 06/29/16 Doves & Roses. I've added 2 images to this and changed the name to Doves & Vases.
  • 06/30/16 Took all Studio Selections Textures off the store. These will become part of a download club option. (Coming soon.) The downloads are still available to those who have purchased these collections.
  • 07/22/16. Fantaisie Sheet Music: What's changed: I've added a transparent overlay version and I've enhanced the original slightly. (Sharpening and a wee bit of retouch.) This is a free upgrade.
  • 10/02/16. Vintage Holly Illustrations. I added another illustration.
  • 1011/16 Goldfinches and Holly. Files were not aligned for blended use as they should be. New files uploaded.
  • 03/06/14 Vintage French Brushes No. 1 (Formerly Vintage French Script brushes). I added a lot of new brushes to the collection.
  • 03/18/14 Vintage Grunge Frames. 5 new frames and a drop shadow version of another. Read more.
  • 03/19/14 Vintage Frames No.1. The "Rosy" frame removed, 26 new frames added. Read More
  • 03/20/14 Love Ya collections. Frames: 5 new frames added, white frames brightened. Papers and Dots n Stripes papers. Whites brightened. Read More
  • 03/25/14 Les Textures 3. I added new textures to Les Textures 3 and improved another. Read more.
  • 03/25/14 Texture Nirvana. I added new textures to Les Textures 3 and improved another. Read more.
  • 03/25/14 Love Ya Dots n Stripes digital papers. I updated the 4 textures that have white to versions with brighter whites.
  • 4/10/14 Grunge Postcards No.1. I added 4 additional postcards. I have changed the resolution to 600 DPI. I thought over 1000 was over-kill. You may wish to keep the original, larger size versions.
  • 7/02/14 Atelier Texture Collection:
    Eliminated textures, Radiance and Spirit 2.
    Edited Texture: Spirit had some light retouching and tone changes.
    Edited Texture: Soar had some light retouching and tone changes.
    Added Textures: I added 13 textures plus 3 bonus textures.
  • 10/25/14 Bees N Butterflies. Layered files updated. Layer masks refined, backgrounds cut away enough that there shouldn't be any problems with white lines showing around the layer mask.
  • 11/21/14 Les Textures 1. I added 2 bonus textures. I came across 2 textures I have used hat are unpublished and thought they would be a nice addition to this collection. You only need to download the Bonus file.
  • 11/22/14 Digital Postcard: Flowers/Swings/Ladies. I added another image.
  • 11/22/17 French Photo Studio Overlays. I added 5 new overlays.

Collection Names

Occasionally I make changes in names to be more cohesive with other products.

  • 03/06/14 Vintage French Script brushes was changed to Vintage French Brushes No. 1. Name change was to be more cohesive with Vintage French Brushes No.2 and because I added a lot of non-script brushes.
  • 03/13/14 Textured Watercolor spot brushes name changed to Watercolor Spot 4 brushes for cohesiveness in naming.
  • 03/25/14 Love Ya 2 digital papers name changed to the more descriptive Love Ya Dots n Stripes.
  • 03/26/14 I changed the Shop names from French Kiss Collections No. 1, 2, and 3 to Les Textures 1, 2, & 3. The download and SKU names were already Les Textures.
  • 04/10/14 Grunge Postcards No.1 changed to French Grunge Postcards No.1
  • 06/29/16 Doves & Roses. I've added 2 images to this and changed the name to Doves & Vases.



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