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What's With The Updates?

By the way, Happy Spring!

As you may have noticed, it's been update-o-rama here at French Kiss. So, what's with all the changes?

Spring Cleaning, Standardization and Improvements

I'm going into my 4th year of creating digital collections. It was time to get a global view of the shop and products, and do some spring cleaning.

As you may have noticed, French Kiss is sporting a new look. I'll save the specifics for another post, but I wanted a design that was clean and standardized. By changing the product image format to square, it gives me more room to clearly put the collection name and type and also gives me more room for a more attractive image.


Every week, I've been going through a collection category and cleaning up the graphics, looking at the shop and download names to see if cohesion is needed and at the same time, looking over the collections. In some cases, I'll decide to add a few items, in others I may find that I've gained a few tricks over the years to give an item a little more love. I send out product update emails to those who already have the collection, but unfortunately, I can't add a note along with the automated emails. I will post changes here on the shop blog and I've started a change log where you can check if you have questions.

Change Log Page


I've been joking with my husband that I'm going into French Kiss 2.0.

I'll be examining just about every aspect of my business down to my payment gateway and digital delivery system and looking for improvements.

This is enormously time-consuming, so I'm sorry that I haven't had much time for tutorials or features lately. My plan is that once I have the shop in order and my production standardized, I'll be looking for an assistant to take over the non-creative parts of production which will free me to do more tutorials, and community involvement. Plus, I'll be able to get products out faster! I have a huge backlog of products nearly done and in progress.

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If you have any feedback or suggestions for what you'd like to see, please feel free to share!


4 Responses

Roni Barrett

Roni Barrett

April 12, 2014

Thank you so much for the updates – much appreciated. I empathise with you re the spring-cleaning of your website and work generally because I’m doing the very same at the moment with everything, from my house all the way through to my own website and working through a backlog of travel images. It’s a huge task which can be daunting unless you take it a step at a time! At least, that’s what I’m telling myself…



March 27, 2014

So appreciate your attention to detail and the bonus of receiving updated product for past purchases. Thanks also for the generous sharing of your knowledge through the great tutorials you have on your site. Am still a beginner in this digital art/texture process and I am thankful for all the tips you share.
Best to you in your spring cleaning…

Leslie Nicole

Leslie Nicole

March 27, 2014

Thanks for your comment, F Harvell.

I wish there were a way for me to indicate what’s been changed on the download page and to be able to send a note with the automated update email, but alas, I can’t. I use a download service and I’ve requested this feature, but it hasn’t happened yet. I am looking into new download services and perhaps they will have those features. I post the updates on the shop blog, Facebook, and Twitter and I’ve started a Changelog page. (I’ll make that more obvious in the post.)

For your email and password change – that’s no problem. I’ll change that for you and send you a password reset prompt. (Better to use the contact page for those requests in the future though – more private.)

I really appreciate that you took the time to let me know what you need. :-)

F Harvell

F Harvell

March 26, 2014

Leslie, It’s great to see the new look and the wonderful updates. It is also very much appreciated that you are sending out the updates to all your previous purchasers. This is a very nice touch and really shows the level of commitment that you have to your products and to your customers.

From my point of view as a customer, there are two things that would really be helpful. First would be to have the file dates displayed, or some other way on the download page, to be able to tell what files were updated. For example, I received a notice that the Texture Nirvana Bundle was updated and a link to my order. I believe that this is because of the update to Les Textures III, however, every file is listed with links and I cannot tell from the download page which files were actually updated. My only sure solution would be to download everything and check the dates. (Less than ideal for both me and your download bandwidth fees.)

And second, it would be great if there was a way to change the email address of my account. I originally registered / purchased with an old email and would like to change it )to And while you’re looking into that, it would be great as well to be able to change the password.

Thanks again for everything. I will tell you that your kindness and customer service focus are both recognized and appreciated.

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