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Watercolor Spot Brushes No. 5

Watercolor brushes for Photoshop and Elements.

I had a few watercolor brushes in the queue, so yesterday I spent the morning creating a few new ones to complete the collection. You can never have too many watercolor brushes! These were created specifically in mind for using in layer masks or as clipping masks to create a watercolor mask, but they will have many other uses as well.

Introducing Watercolor Spot Brushes No. 5

Watercolor Spot Photoshop Brushes No 5

There are 14 hi-resolution brushes created from real watercolors.
 Watercolor Spot Photoshop Brushes No 5


  1. .abr brush file for CS2 and above and Elements 6 and above.
  2. .png overlay files for Photoshop versions prior to CS2 or other software.
  3. Larger size brushes for Photoshop CS6 and above.

Note: For now, all these are included for one price. I may be raising the price for the CS6 version in the future as the file is around 5 times larger than the CS2 version.


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