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French September Digital Papers

French September Digital Papers

25 digital papers based on vintage daisy and fall leaves postcards and French stone walls.

French Kiss French September digital papers

The Inspiration For French September

The inspiration for the French September papers started with two vintage postcards which I believe are by Catharina Klein but are unsigned. If they aren't by her, they sure are close to her style. (I collect Catharina Klein, especially her leaves.) These two images remind me so much of this season here in France. Just Sunday I was walking through a village admiring the masses of Marguerites (daisies) growing against stone walls with the Vigne Vierge (Virgina Creeper) tumbling from above in shades from green to red. Speaking of stone walls, the base layer for most of this collection is from a photograph I took of the side of a Château not far from here. I even remembered that I took the photo on a September day! Add in a vintage French receipt and script, painted grunge papers and finish with complementary striped papers.

French Kiss French September digital papers

French Kiss French September digital papers

More Than Variations

The French receipt papers come in a medley of colors which are more than just hue changes. Each layer is a different color so there is a subtle play of depth.

Coordinating Elements

Each element in the collection is carefully balanced to maintain the color palette throughout with attention towards coordinating contrasts in pattern.

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French September

Ideas For Digital Papers

Digital papers can be used for many things:

  • Scrapbooking and art journaling.
  • Photo backgrounds.
  • Photo album backgrounds.
  • Paper Crafts such as gift tags, gift wrap, cards, and decoupage.

Terms of Use

Digital Papers include final designs so my licensing for them are more restrictive than with some of my other digital assets. You are free to use them "as is" for any personal uses or scrap for hire and client photo albums. Be sure any files are flattened in a way where the asset can not be extracted. It's not OK to make derivative textures, papers, pages etc. for re-sell. The purely grunge papers can be used as you would use a texture - it's OK to sell artwork that includes them. For the striped and vintage papers please exercise caution. The bottom line is to ask yourself if you are selling artwork with these designs: would your design/image still work if you took away my asset?

Designers, if you wish to use the floral digital images for your products, please purchase the Designer's Edition of these images.

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