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Flower Fairy Vintage Images

Flower Fairy Vintage Images

Printables and digital images from M. Dulk Flower Fairy vintage postcards of fanciful girls in flower costumes.

Dulk flower fairies digital vintage images

The Original Postcards

Dulk flower fairies vintage postcards restored.

I'm delighted to offer these digital illustrations restored from vintage postcards of the illustrator M. Dulk's fanciful creations. The originals were expensive and time-consuming to track down and are lovingly retouched and optimized. The postmarks of the original postcards are from 1915 – 1917. I believe I have the entire collection, but if you've seen any others, please let me know! I couldn't find much information about the illustrator, but I saw a reference somewhere to M. Dulk being a woman. The postcards seem to have run as birthday editions, Valentine editions, friendship editions and blank card editions. I've tracked down all of the birthday greetings and all but 3 of the Valentine greetings. A text file of the greetings is included.

Two Editions

These images are available in two editions:

  1. The Designer Edition which has 600 DPI files and the girls and flowers are separate files on white backgrounds. You may use these in any way you wish as long as they are incorporated into your design. It's fine to create products for sale with this edition. Do not use re-sell "as is".
  2. Printable / Craft Edition. This edition is for the craft / hobbyist who likes files that are ready to print and enjoy. Use this edition to create items for personal use and gifts. Scrapbook for hire is fine if you provide the files in a way that the original cannot be extracted. Creating scrapbook items for sale is not permitted. Please use the Designer Edition for products for sale.

Three Versions in the Printable Edition

The printable edition includes three versions with a total of 9 printables.

  1. 1 version with a white background and no greeting.
  2. 1 version with an antiqued "postcard" background with no text.
  3. 1 version of the antiqued background with the original birthday greeting.

The Designer Edition allows you to create new designs to sell.


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