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Artiste Collection Updated


I've sent out new download links to all who have purchased this collection. 

I have a FREE update to the Artiste Collection with 2 additional texture variations. One is a variation of Charmante that I created this week that I liked so much I wanted to share. At first, I was going to just share the recipe, but as it took me around 2 hours to finesse with about 10 adjustment layers, I thought it would be better to just give it to you! I've named it Charmed. The other is the original version of Bold Brush, included by popular request.

Get 15 Additonal Variations

The Artiste Collection first started as small collections with variations. When I created the current collection, I edited out most of the variations. Ive had requests to make the variations available again, so I've added an option to the Artiste Collection to get 15 additional color variations. Note that most of these colors you could create yourself, but these can be great time-savers. For instance, it took me around 20 minutes of fine-tuning to get the teal color I wanted for Fauve Teal. Some of the textures were mixed with other textures for a slight variation. I've also included the original colors for Lumineux and Breeze. Because these are variations, I've priced them super-low! 
Get all of these variations for an additional $4.99!
(Only available if you also purchase the Artiste Collection.)
If you have already purchased the Artiste Collection and would like to also get the variations for $4.99, contact me.

See All of the Textures in The l'Artiste Collection

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