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Memories Frame Set


The image above uses the Tattered Frame, Memories texture and an included digital grunge tape strip.

3 uber grunge, digital vintage frames. These 3 frames were created from 3 actual vintage frames. Two I dug from the bottom of a box in a flea market and one is from my husband's family archives.Though they are scanned from the originals, it took me 4 days to perfect the digital files doing layer, filter and masking acrobatics!. I then created this digital background to evoke the feeling of a weathered photo album page. The grunge tape strip is the finishing touch.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the original images.

I'm working on a lot of frames right now, but I'm first publishing this small set because they require layered files. Look forward to more vintage frames soon!

Next post - I'll show a video of how to use the frames.

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