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Rose Postcard

My husband bought me a bouquet of vibrant coral pink roses last week. (Thanks, Sweetie!) I arranged them in this bowl with thoughts of photographing them. Something just wasn't working though so I didn't end up photographing them. Today as I walked by them I thought Darn, I didn't photograph those roses in time, they are starting to wilt. Then, I paused and realized that they actually looked great now. The color had mellowed just a little bit and the wilting roses at the bottom added an interesting depth and change in the composition.

I photographed them with a simple white background. I then used the Clarity setting in the Topaz Labs Adjust filter.

Finally, I added textures, an overlay and a Photoshp brush stamp.


Crème Fraîche from the Tableaux Collection 

  • Blend Mode: Multiply (I used a levels adjustment to increase the contrast.)
  • Opacity: 80%

Bon Bon from the Tableaux Collection

  • Blend Mode: Multiply (I used a levels adjustment to increase the contrast.)
  • Opacity: 100%
  • I mostly masked this texture except the edges which gives the coral colored border.

Overlay: Tour Eiffel Postcard

Brush Set: Vintage French Brushes No. 2

3 Responses

Leslie Nicole

Leslie Nicole

August 14, 2012

Thank you both! xx



August 12, 2012

I fell in love with your work. This has allowed me to start to experiment within of this realm for the first time. My first attempt was wonderful. Thank you so very much for sharing and I look forward to buying textures and brushes as well.
Such great joy you share.
Thank you

Mary Lou Jacobs

Mary Lou Jacobs

July 27, 2012

Gorgeous!! I’m off to buy some of your collections they are outstanding!!

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