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I tried out the weekly Studio Selection idea and while I quite like it, it turns out that the process of quality control / packaging / uploading / posts etc. takes me a minimum of one day of work. When I'm working on another product or creating posts, I don't always have that much time to spare each week. I think I'll keep this format as an occasional offering. Still kicking around the best way to do it. Let me know what you think!

Large texture collections take a lot of work and time. A lot. I am still always surprised at the amount of time it takes even when I think I have all my textures ready to go. Last edits and testing alone can take up to a week to do.

I like to explore with my textures, working in one direction for awhile and then working in another. As a result, I often have many textures and overlays waiting in the queue for enough to accumulate in that theme before I release them. I have tutorials that I'm waiting on until I release a certain overlay or mask.

Plus, I know in your work you like fresh inspirations at a price that doesn't hurt the wallet! 

Studio Selections

I'm trying out an idea that I'm very excited about. A way to free up my own work and open up my studio workings to you faster. 

Here's the idea:

  •  A Petite Collection every Saturday. (see update above) I'll release whatever I have ready to go. Sometimes it will be a themed collection, sometimes it will be a compilation of various styles.
  • On Sale for 1 Week. For one week that collection will be 25% off.
  • Eventual Bundles and Sales. I'll periodically bundle up the Studio Selections and have special sales.

There may be some fine-tweaking to do on the format, so I welcome your feedback along the way.

See Studio Selections #1

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February 18, 2013

Love the idea, bought the first collection immediately! :)

Muriel Hastings
Muriel Hastings

February 17, 2013

What a wonderful concept! I cannot believe how excited I feel at the prospect of new textures. You have no idea how inspiring and supportive it feels! A million thanks and “atta girls”!


February 17, 2013

I really like this idea Leslie . . It’s easier on the wallet and provides fresh inspiration on a regular basis . . . Great idea . . X


February 17, 2013

Love, love, love this idea! The petite collections may be small, but their impact will be huge to your wallet-concious, art-inspired friends. Can’t wait to see all the lovely designs based on this collection.

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