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Pivoine Botanique

On the Facebook page, many of you have requested small collections of varied style textures. This week's Studio Selections No. 3 is an eclectic collection of textures. This peony (pivoine in French) from my garden was photographed in a botanical style. I created this texture, Botanique especially for this image. It's made up of watercolor elements surrounded by a light grunge border.

I used Topaz Lab's* Clean and Detail filter on the peony. The texture has a blend mode of multiply at 100% opacity.

The font used for Pivoine is Cezanne*.

*Note: the starred links is are affiliate links. I do get a small commission (with no extra cost to you) from any sales. Thank you!

Check out Studio Selections No. 3

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March 02, 2013

Thanks, Leslie, for the detailed info on your image,which is just wonderful. I am really enjoying the range of colors and media in your Studio offerings. Much gratitude.

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