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Fresh Essentials


This is volume 1. I'll soon release additional Fresh Essential volumes of Gingham, Stripes, Damask, etc. 

Who doesn't need a set of cheerful, fresh, polka-dotted, digital papers? I thought a lot about offering these in multicolored packs. After all, can't one can just change the color with a Hue / Saturation Adjustment? Hue/Saturation adjustments are great sometimes, especially for tweaking colors, but these papers are created with carefully chosen colors and comprised of up to 18 layers. The other Fresh Essential series will utilize the same color palette. 

Dialing in the color palette. Lots of testing!

Creative Freedom

Giving you creative choices is always important to me, so I've assembled this collection the way I like to work.

Extra-Large Papers: Most paper packs are 12" x 12". These are 15" x 15".

Grunge Edge Overlay: Gives you more choices in look and more choices for format. For instance, say you want to make a 5" x 7" card and want it to have a shabby edging? If the edging was part of the paper, you would have to re-size and squash the polka dots! With the grunge overlay, you can apply a shabby edge to any size or proportioned image. 

Also, you have the option of more looks. No edging for a lightly shabby look. Edging at multiply blend mode for a deeper edge; Edging at screen blend mode for a lighter, shabby look. (I'll do a blog post next on how to use the grunge overlay.)

Check out Fresh Essentials: Dots!

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