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Anemone With Watercolor Texture

Anemone With Watercolor Texture

This gorgeous Anemone photograph with a watercolor texture is by Suzan Dowell-Glaser of PhotosbySuzan on Flickr. I have a personal story about it as well!

Anemone photograph by Suzan Dowell-Glaser with a watercolor texture by French Kiss Collections.

Here is the original texture by the way. It's Rainy Day from the Autumn Rain Watercolor Texture Collection.

Watercolor texture from the Autumn Rain Collection by French Kiss Collections.

A Little Personal Story

I stumbled upon this image on Pinterest serendipitously right as I was finishing the update to the Autumn Rain Watercolor Texture Collection. My first reaction was that I loved the image, then I felt jealous of the texture. It wasn't until I was in the process of pinning it that I realized that it was my texture! (Big thanks to Suzan for the attribution!) I didn't realize it was my texture at first as Suzan used it in a unique way for her artistic vision.

There are two parts to why finding this art this was special for me.

Firstly it was a nice affirmation for me. Right before I release a collection, I go through a period of doubts. I slip down my rabbit hole of creating and production for weeks at a time alone in my studio. I put a lot of love into creating, but I almost always have some doubts. "Maybe these textures are too wild." "Am I putting in too many variations?" "Should I re-size these or leave them as is?" You get the picture! (Pun intended!) I found this image right as I was going through that phase, so it really helped to see the validity of the collection through a customer's usage.

Secondly, and most importantly, it's always a source of delight to see what my customers are creating. I'm always amazed at your creativity! You are a huge source of inspiration. I learn a lot from you and I'm energized by your creations and feedback. You are awesome!

Photo by Suzan Dowell-Glaser

Thank you to Suzan for the courtesy of sharing her artwork.

Check out the photograph on Flickr and leave her a nice comment!

Suzan Dowell-Glaser of PhotosbySuzan on Flickr


Autumn Rain Watercolor Texture Collection.

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