Must Have Studio Materials

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List of must-have studio materials:

  • Paint - check.
  • Paper - check.
  • Cutting board - check.
  • Pens - check.
  • Studio cat - check!

Working on painting textures and guess who takes up residence in my textures-in-progress box? Fortunately, I had the foresight to put down some scrap paper over the textures!

Rescue kitten, Juno in my studio materials.

This is Juno, one of the feral kittens we rescued. He's nearly 10 months old now. Not sure he will go to another home due to his ongoing respiratory problems. He nearly died when he was 6 weeks old. Had 2 vet stays and many rounds of antibiotics. In spite of a chronic snotty nose though, he's a very happy camper.

Juno, by the way, is one of the rescue cats I was able to sterilize, ID, de-worm, etc. thanks to your generous donations. Big meow to you.

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