Painterly Rose Impression

Posted on November 03, 2018 by Leslie Nicole | 1 Comment

I've used a painted texture from the Impasto Improv No.1 Painted Textures collection in this dreamy floral composition.

Floral Impression by Leslie Nicole using the Impasto Improv No. 1 Painted textures.

Photographs and composition by Leslie Nicole.

I photographed the roses individually and cut them out and then arranged them in Photoshop against a white background. Most of the roses were processed with various Topaz Labs filters. I then used the texture, Rio placed over the flowers with the Normal blend mode. Then I used grunge brushes at various opacities in a layer mask on the texture to reveal some of the flowers.

The texture is quite large which allowed me to chose an area that worked best in my composition.

Painted texture from the Impasto Improv No. 1 collection.

The Impasto Improv series will be miscellaneous textures from my painting explorations. They usually have a lot of "personality" so are great for the artistic soul, but can also be dialed down by using at lower opacities, cropping, changing to B&W, or mixing with other textures. These also work really well with the Topaz Labs Impression filter.



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Connie Etter

November 22, 2018


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