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Valentine Idea Breakdown Of Elements

Here's an idea for using French Kiss Collections digital papers, brushes, textures and elements to create a Valentine with your own photograph.

Valentine Idea breakdown of texture and brush elements used.

Elements Used

How To Customize The Digital Washi Tape.

You can customize the Digital Tape Strips collections by clipping a digital paper (or any other image file) to the tape.

The Digital Tape Strips No. 1 collection has plain masking and transparent tape.

Digital Tape Strips

To create a custom, Washi style tape, select a digital paper. I've chosen a paper from the Love Ya Dots n Stripes Papers. collection that is normally a pink color.

Custom digital washi tape.

Below is the Photoshop layer panel showing how to create the custom Washi tape.

    Photoshop layer panel showing Washi tape customization.

    1. Chose a masking tape strip that you want to use.
    2. Place your desired paper in the layer above the tape.
    3. With the digital paper layer selected, click Command (Mac) or Control (PC) + Option + G (Mac) or Alt (PC) to "clip" it to the tape layer. This is called a Clipping Mask.
    4. Size and adjust the digital paper with the Transform Tool so that it fits the tape as you like.
    5. Then, above the digital paper layer add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer. (Adjustment layers are found at the bottom of the layer panel. The icon looks like a circle halved in black/gray.
    6. Clip this layer to the digital paper the same as in step No. 3
    7. Adjust the color as you like. You may have to fiddle with saturation as well as hue. (To change the lightness/darkness, I usually prefer to use a Levels Adjustment Layer. - found in the same place as the Hue/Saturation and use it the same way - just stack it on top of the Hue/Saturation layer.)
    8. To adjust the opacity of the Washi tape, lower the opacity on the tape layer. I used 75%.

      It's that easy!

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        1 Response

        Su Hall

        Su Hall

        February 24, 2016

        Washi is so much fun! Thank you for your tut! That card is lovely!


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