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Cat Rescue Update

Cat Rescue Update

Hello everyone, I wanted to give you an update on how the Cat Rescue Fund drive went.

Two rescue kittens relaxing on my studio table.

Tazo and Juno, 2, 8 month old brothers who were sterilized and ID'd thanks to you.

A Big Thank You

Together, we raised nearly $1000! I am so grateful to you, you are all so awesome.

Here's how the funds have been spent so far:

  • 2 females have been sterilized and ID'd.
  • 3 males have been sterilized and ID'd.
  • Purchased flea, tick and de-wormer meds.
  • Took Felix to the vet. He had ear mites? La Gale - not sure if that's what it is in English (described as "spiders" in the ear) and infected hot spots. He got a treatment of antibiotics, ear cream, predniderm, and a topical treatment against La Gale and flea/ticks.
  • Ordered an extra carrying crate.
  • Next week I'm sterilizing and IDing at least 3 more males.
  • Was able to order 24 kilos of a decent (not expensive, but better than grocery store) kibble. The cats also get some wet food every meal.

Rescue kitten playing with a computer mouse.

Sweetie, the other brother who was sterilized and ID'd this week.

Big kisses to all of you! Thank you so much for helping me to help these animals in need.

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1 Response

Rosie Grey

Rosie Grey

March 25, 2017

And thank YOU for doing all this and taking care! ❤️

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