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Posted on May 05, 2017 by Bold Apps | 2 Comments

I love combining textures, brushes, vintage elements and photographs to create a layered design.

Magnolia Scatter design by Leslie Nicole

This design uses a number of layers that include a texture (this month's freebie!), art overlays, vintage brushes and overlays, and a photograph used with a Photoshop pattern script. I planned on doing a tutorial on this, but my neck arthritis is having a bad flare up right now, so I'll just offer a peek at my layers.

Layer panel

By building up layers of art elements, brushes and overlays you can create a design with richness and depth.


A few of the products used in this design:

  • Free (this month only) texture, Emerge.
  • Vintage French Math overlays (bottom left over background.)
  • Vintage French No. 1 brushes. (Conserveries and angel blowing trumpet top.)
  • Artistique Edges overlays. Adds a purple vignetted glow to texture.
  • Gouache Grunge No. 4 brushes. I used them in the layer mask of the striped overlay so that only some of the stripes show - in the shape of the grunge brush.

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Leslie Nicole
Leslie Nicole

May 06, 2017

Thank you so much for that lovely comment, Fiona. I’m in less pain today although I still need to take it easy for awhile. I think I’ll need to learn to work smarter instead of harder. :-)


May 06, 2017

Just to say thank you so much for the blog posting, particularly when you’re in pain – arthritis is such a curse. I get such joy from your beautiful work, you encourage me to try harder.
I hope you are feeling much better soon,
Best wishes,

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