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Goodbye Personal Use License Items

Goodbye Personal Use License Items

UPDATE 1 year later! They're back! After a lot of musing over this, I've decided I prefer having everything in one store.

On Friday, October 12th I will be removing all Personal Use and Limited Use license products.

Why The Change?

I’ve realized from the years I’ve been in business and from being a part of a fantastic entrepreneur group (CoCommercial) that a business best serves its customers when it concentrates on what that one niche needs. While my core offerings have always been commercial license graphics, right now I have a smattering of products aimed more at end-users like scrapbookers and paper crafts.

What excites me the most is providing other artists and designers the same tools I use in my creations and also teaching the methods I’ve honed to make and use professional graphics. It's my goal to serve and inspire other commercial artists.

Including Personal Use license items in my offerings distracts from that mission and has made my licensing confusing and complicated.

What Will Change?

Any item that is a final design meant for the end-user will be removed. These would include some of the digital papers and elements and all of the printables, and card templates. The Terms of Use will be updated and simplified.

What Are Commercial Use License Products?

Commercial Use license products are art and graphic "parts" that a designer will use to put together in a unique design that will be used commercially. This could be an editorial, brochure, advertisement or a product like greeting cards, wallpaper, or artwork.

Here’s an example of art and design "parts" that would be available with commercial use license: vintage illustrations, Photoshop brushes, ephemera, overlays, etc.

Commercial Use digital graphics examples on French Kiss Collections

Below is my design using those art and graphic parts. As you can see, I took the Commercial Use art "parts" and created a unique design. Your unique design would be totally different from mine even using the same elements. The page below is from the Catharina digital papers which I will be removing from the store next Friday.

Digital paper by Leslie Nicole using French Kiss Collections commercial use digital graphics.

What Will Happen To These Products?

I may eventually offer them on paper craft and scrapbooking sites or I may just keep them as jumping off points for future designs under my surface design brand. I may also look into placing the printables and scrap items in different stores. I'll keep you posted on that eventuality. Note: For now at least, I will keep my personal use product that supports Feral Cat Rescue in the store.

New Terms Of Use

I’ll get new terms up on the store by Friday October 12th. It will take me awhile to get all the products re-loaded with new terms, so I think I will first add on a download with the new terms. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions!


Note: a few of the Commercial Use items shown are not published yet, but will be!


3 Responses



October 16, 2017

I didn’t think you were closing…just changing your focus! On the other hand, I have pretty much stopped doing anything w/PS! But I still love to look and learn!

Leslie Nicole

Leslie Nicole

October 13, 2017

Hi Betty, Thank you! Note though that I’m not closing shop, just refining what I offer. :-)



October 12, 2017

Thank you for the beautiful textures and graphics you’ve made available for personal use over the years. I’ve learned much from your tutorials and enjoy using your lovely textures, though i don’t do much PS work anymore. Wish you the best!

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