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The Vintage Christmas Illustrations Compendium

The Vintage Christmas Illustrations Compendium

A collection of graphics from vintage Christmas illustrations plus bonus digital papers.

I'm pleased to introduce this compendium of vintage Christmas graphics that is the culmination of a decade of collecting originals and many, many hours of retouching and processing! Not only is this collection a fantastic resource but also an amazing deal. The originals' value is around $2000. Vintage Christmas postcards are collectors items and many of these postcards were quite expensive. The collection is an absolute steal at $29! Only $20.30 during the sale!

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An Overview

There are 181 original illustrations plus 216 variations. I've also included 2 digital paper collections that were created specifically for these images. There are also some miscellaneous bonus files like a gold foil texture, snow overlays, vintage elements, and washi tapes. All total, there are 224 original files plus 243 variations. Purchase The Collection Here

600 PPI

All of the illustrations are 600 PPI (also known as DPI). This makes them twice the size of the originals, giving you a large enough image for most design needs. The digital papers are 300 PPI. In the example below, I've placed a typical original on a 3600 px by 3600 px digital paper (12" x 12").


Many of the illustrations have several variations. Variations might include the slightly shabby original postcard (lightly retouched), versions with the original greeting and without, cleaned up versions, and often a version with the background extracted. Purchase The Collection Here

Vintage Santas

A wonderful variety of vintage Santa illustrations! There are 29 originals with 37 variations.

Above are a few examples of designs created with elements from the collection. (There are also a few elements not included.)

Vintage Holly

So versatile! The possibilities are endless. Purchase The Collection Here

Here's an example of a repeat pattern made with one of the vintage holly illustrations for Christmas gift wrap.

Vintage Angels

6 charming vintage angel illustrations and a design example. "Peace on Earth" also uses the bonus gold foil texture. Purchase The Collection Here

Vintage Children Illustrations

I absolutely love these vintage illustrations of children! I'm always so inspired to play around with incorporating these into new designs - or just to print out to enjoy!

Children Bearing Gifts

Delightful vintage illustrations of children carrying Christmas presents.

Perfect for Christmas Greeting Cards!

Sledding, Skiing, and Skating

Vintage illustrations of children enjoying winter sports. Purchase The Collection Here

Christmas Girls With Puppies

OK, are these darling or what!? Purchase The Collection Here

Incorporate these vintage Christmas illustrations into your own greeting card and gift tag designs.

Delivering Christmas Greenery

Nothing embodies the spirit of the Christmas season like Christmas trees, holly, and mistletoe.

Another Christmas gift tag design using one of the Christmas girl illustrations. This also uses other elements from the collection. Poinsettia and Holly at the top and a striped digital paper along the bottom. Purchase The Collection Here

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Charming vintage illustrations of children out in the snow making snowmen, feeding birds, or just strolling arm in arm.

Create new designs, or print out as is to enjoy!

Christmas Greenery

A collection of various illustrations of pine cones, evergreen, a Christmas tree, Hellebores, red berries, and more. Purchase The Collection Here

Framed Winter Scenics

Lovely winter snowy scenic illustrations in gold frames and holly. Blank frame versions are also included as well as black and white overlays.

Vintage Winter Birds

These illustrations stand alone or make wonderful additions to your designs! I loved that Bullfinches on a branch in the snow so much I got into a bidding war on eBay and payed a ridiculous amount for it. Absolutely no regrets! Purchase The Collection Here

Vintage Poinsettia

These illustrations are lovely additions to your Christmas designs! Plus, the Poinsettia lady is a gorgeous art nouveau style. This card is a collector's item and is usually quite expensive.

Vintage Christmas Bells

These are also lovely additions to designs. All are extracted from the background with some of them also having a flattened version with the original shading. Purchase The Collection Here

Winter Scenics

Lovely snowy scenes. I particularly like the vignettes of winter pastimes.

Yule Papers

10 digital papers (plus 4 color variations) chosen and created especially for this collection. Linen finish papers, gold, plaid, snowy watercolor paper, vintage neutral, opulent print, and more.

Yule Striped Papers

These colorful striped digital papers were created to complement illustrations in the collection. They make wonderful accent areas in a design! Purchase The Collection Here

Christmas Greetings

These are bonus files with greetings extracted from the original postcards. They have the charming vintage roughness.


Additional bonus files. Use the gold foil to give a gilded look to your text. There are 3 snow overlays so you can incorporate the snowy illustrations into a larger design. I created these just for this purpose! I've also added in a few vintage elements, a couple of decorative washi tapes, and an ornate frame.

Thank You

Thank you for having a look at the collection. I hope you will have as much fun with it as I do!

Chrismas vintage illustration of a boy skiing and thank you.

Purchase The Collection Here or with the button below.

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