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Urgent Funds Needed

Urgent Funds Needed

We have urgent feral cat rescue needs.

We have 4 kittens that need to be sterilized and micro-chipped. Their mother is a stray cat that came into my studio to have her kittens and we raised them with their mother. They all got sick at 6 weeks old and it's been a long, expensive recovery. We found homes for 2 of the kittens, but still have 4. They are 7.5 months old and must be sterilized and micro-chopped immediately.

Fauvette a feral cat who has been spayed and tattoed.

Fauvette, the mother cat has been spayed and tattooed this month out of our own pockets.

Minette, a kitten who needs to be spayed.

Minette has gone into season. She is scheduled to be sterilized the 16th. It was the soonest I could get it scheduled.

Juno, a feral cat rescue kitten that needs to be sterilized

Juno is one of the male kittens who needs to be spayed and micro-chipped. The males are starting to spray in our house.

Felix is a feral cat in need of vet care.

Felix is a feral cat we care for who needs vet treatment. His coat is getting very bad with infected hot spots. He also needs to be sterilized and ID'd.

Felix the feral cat has infected hot spots.

We also need to raise money to feed, treat for fleas, vaccinate and feed these indoor rescues and the 9 outdoor feral cats.

100% of the proceeds from the products below will support feral cat rescue and care. There is also a donate button if you just wish to donate. Thank you!

Proceeds from these vintage graphics go to caring for feral cats.

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2 Responses

Leslie Nicole

Leslie Nicole

March 12, 2017

Hi Lisbet, thank you for your comment! It truly is heart-breaking seeing how hard feral cat’s lives are. I visited a shelter this week and I was so saddened by the cats there. It was horrid. So lovely to hear you have also given your time and heart to rescue cats. Big hug.

Lisbet Sjoberg

Lisbet Sjoberg

March 11, 2017

You are a good person, I love that you help so many cats. There is a huge problem with homeless animals all over, I try to help whenever I can also, am currently taking care of just one cat, but have rescued several over the years. Good luck with the fund!

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