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Vintage French Receipts

Vintage French Receipts

I often use vintage French receipts in my designs. They have such lovely ornaments, typography, and script handwriting. I've just released the Vintage French Papers and Overlays Volume One Collection.

Sometimes, just a little hint of vintage detail added to a photograph is all that is needed.

Textured still life photograph using a vintage French overlay.

See a tutorial for the creation of the photograph above. Tutorial Here

Gorgeous details from the papers:

Gorgeous Details in vintage French receipts.

Papers And Overlays

I first published 7 of these receipts in 2 separate collections (Le Marché). One collection had the original scans and the other was the transparent overlays. Over time, it seemed right to combine these 2 versions. (Note: this is a free upgrade to purchasers of those collections. New links were sent by email. Contact us if you didn't receive the email.)

Vintage French Papers and Overlays in Volume One digital graphics.

Sometimes I'll use the original receipt scan in a design as you see below in this cushion design.

Cushion design example using Vintage French Papers.

Cushion mock-up available by UpStyled.

Other times, I'll use the overlay versions in designs such as this digital paper:

Digital paper design using an overlay from the Vintage French Papers collection.

Colors Easily Changed

The Overlays come as transparent black and white PNG files, but the colors can be easily changed. There are a number of tutorials on the blog for Using Overlays. Check out this tutorial for a good start.

Changing the color on black and white transparent PNG files.

More Volumes To Come

Over the past 7 years, I've collected over a hundred pieces. As the production time is quite involved, I've decided to release them in volumes. There will be 4-5 volumes in all and then I'll also release a volume of the extracted design elements like banners Each collection will have a wide variety of choices from truly lovely to deliciously grungy.

I'm so pleased to make these available to you and I can't wait to see what you create!

1 Response

Phil Voyez

Phil Voyez

February 08, 2018

Hi Leslie,

I was very surprised and pleased to receive these free updates to my Order 12862.
What a lovely gesture, thank you very much!!

Merci beaucoup,

Cheers Philip Voyez.

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